Regular Philadelphia City Activities To Stand Still During Pope’s Visit

It has been announced by the city administration of Philadelphia that all major highways leading to the city will be closed for the duration that the Catholic Pope will be there. This includes even the Ben Franklin Bridge that is seen as a main landmark in Philadelphia. During the visit, none of the regular motorists will be allowed into the city. Residents will be forced to park in the city environs and find their way to the city since all highways will be reserved for the Pope’s convoy.

The mayor of the city, Michael Nutter, made the announcement back on Wednesday afternoon (5th August 2015). He confirmed that there would be a large number of visitors who will be accompanying the Pope. He also confirmed that there will be visitors from all across the globe who will attend the event. Not to mention, the large number of residents who have shown their interest in attending the event. His rough estimate stood at 3 million people including residents and visitors. He made this clarification as a justification to traffic restriction in the city. With such a large number of people moving through the city, it will be very hard for traffic to be contained.

The Ben Franklin Bridge is also among the major ways that will be closed during the Pope’s visit. It has been confirmed that Ben Franklin Bridge will be closed from the 25th September at 10 PM down to Monday 28th September at 12 PM. During this closure, only emergency vehicles will be allowed to use the way. The city administration plans to use the bridge as a pedestrian crossing facility.

The Pope will be attending The World Meeting for Families in Philadelphia. The event is scheduled to start on 22nd September. However, the Pope is expected to attend the event on 26th and 27th September. During the same visit, the Pope is expected to preside over other eight events that encompasses his arrival and departure as well.

Among the places that the Pope will tour include; The Independence Mall, Ben Franklin Parkway, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, The Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility, and The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul. While in these places, the Pope is expected to address the members of the public and the Holy Catholic community.

It is rumored that the Pope will be residing in St. Charles Borromeo that is located along the city avenue. It is said that he will have a special time with seminarians in this place.

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