Husband Held For Stabbing Wife And Child In West Oak Lane

Residents of West Oak Lane in Philadelphia were awakened to the sad news of two family members stabbed on early Sunday. Danecia Berrian and her daughter are in hospital with severe injuries. According to doctors, their condition is critical. Stephen Burton, the woman’s husband, was taken into custody in Baltimore, Maryland. He will assist the police in finding the person behind the stabbing of his family members on Sunday at around 12:30a.m in Dallas Street 1900 Block.

According to police sources, Burton’s tag was read by a license plate reader. There was no incident in the course of apprehending the man. An extradition hearing for Mr. Burton has been set on Tuesday morning. Sources from the hospital confirm that the two are in a critical condition following the amount of injuries they received from their assailant. However, hospital authorities did not disclose any further details, sighting the matter is under police probe.

One woman who witnessed the incident said that she heard loud noises from Burton’s house that woke her up. Donletta Bolds had travelled from Lancaster to visit her mother who stays a door away from the Burtons. She witnessed the early Sunday horrifying events that led to the stabbing of Mrs. Burton and her daughter. “I heard her scream. It woke me up out of my sleep. They were always arguing, but this wasn’t the same. Something told me to go and see what is going on. After looking into our neighbor’s window, I saw Danecia pinned to the floor,” Bold said.

Bolds continues to say, “I could see through the blinds he was on top of her, doing whatever he was doing to her, and I started banging on the door.” Bolds then rushed back to their house to pick her cell phone in order to call the police. This gave Burton ample time to flee using his car. Bolds continues by saying, “When I first went in the room she was laying on her stomach. Her whole bed was filled with blood.”

After the incident, Mrs. Burton was rushed to Einstein Medical Center with multiple injuries on her body and is said to be in a critical condition. Her daughter, who is 21 years old, was taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children with stab wounds. She too is in critical condition though doctors say

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