Suspects in the Beating of Philadelphia Gay Couple Surrender to the Police

Suspects in the Beating of Philadelphia Gay Couple Surrender to the Police

Three people from Bucks County are accused of violently attacking a gay couple on Center City Philadelphia street. The three , include the daughter of a police chief. Kevin Harrigan, Kathryn Knott, and Philip Williams surrendered to the police to face charges. The suspects claim that the case is not related to anyone’s sexual orientation. They claim that it involved mutual confrontation. A lawyer of one of the suspects claims that the victims initiated the fight. However, the victims deny that they initiated the fight and claim that they are not surprised by the suspects defense tactics. The charges that the three suspects face include aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment.

The suspects allegedly attacked two gay men in Center City. One of the men suffered serious facial injuries and had his jaw wired. Witnesses claim that the two men were walking from a restaurant when they were attacked. One of the attackers asked one of the men whether the other man was his boyfriend. However, after answering in the affirmative, the group allegedly descended on them with blows and punches to the head, face and chest. The victims claim that the attackers appeared drunk and yelled homophobic words during the assault. Police also claim that one of the suspects stole one of the victim’s handbag, which had a cell phone, wallet and credit cards. The group later fled from the scene of crime in different directions.

The case gained public attention after the police posted videos of the suspects upon which the public helped in identifying them. One of the attackers in the group was a part-time basketball coach at the Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster. However, he was not charged by the police. He was forced to step down from his role as part-time coach since the attack violated the norms of Christianity, which prohibits violence against anyone for simply who they are.

The victims of the crime released a statement thanking members of the community for their help and support in arresting the suspects. They also thanked the detectives who collected details that led to the charging of the three suspects. They claim that the DA should do everything possible to ensure that what befell them does not happen to anyone again in Philadelphia. However, the case is likely to face several problems. This is because Pennsylvania’s hate crime laws does not cover hate crimes initiated by an individual’s sexual orientation. According to the openly gay state Rep. Brian Sims of Philadelphia, the case highlights the need to change the law. However, it remains to be seen whether the law would actually be changed. The case highlights some of the issues that the LGBT community face.

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