Philadelphia Is In Route of Severe Storms on Tuesday

Philadelphia is being threatened by strong winds and downpours as it is one of the routes of severe storms on Tuesday afternoon. Another storm path is NYC. Residents from Maine to West Virginia are advised to be alert, including a section I-95 adjacent to Boston and in Washington, D.C., as well as the I-81 corridor from Scranton to Harrisonburg.

Tuesday morning is expected to be muggy and dry. The afternoon will be humid and hot, even at 100-degree mark in some eastern Virginia areas, which will help develop severe weather. Edward Vallee, a meteorologist at AccuWeather, said the storms threat torrential rain and some 60-mph winds.

The first thunderstorms will likely be in the interiors before going eastward to the Atlantic Coast in the evening. The storms may bring a tornado or two in southern New England and eastern Pennsylvania. Flash flooding may move with the storms, as well as rolling thunderstorms with lightning on the Northeast.

When it comes to lightning, they may cause little effect to the environment and the people, and their strikes are mostly harmless, but it only takes a single strike to cause a tragedy. In time with the National Weather Service Lightning Safety Week, lightning safety tips is indeed for review. NWS confirms seven fatalities this year that were lightning-related. Four of them were in recreational activities.

Those who happen to be outside when the storm is approaching should seek shelter and come out only when the storm has passed, and the weather is already stable.

While anyone can determine an approaching storm with a precipitation forecast of a specific location from AccuWeather MinuteCast, it is worth nothing that lightnings can strike before the rains start.

According to AccuWeeather, specifically in Philadelphia, morning time today will have a humid and hot weather, which will become severe in the afternoon and evening, as high as 95 and the Heat Index, almost a hundred. Storms in the afternoon and evening come from the northeast. They will move from I-95 to the coast. Humidity will drop overnight. After the rain and storm, Wednesday will celebrate summer with lots of sun, plus a lesser level of humidity.

Thursday will be a cloudy day, but it will be the start of the Parade of Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden (June 25 to 28), where Philadelphia and Camden waterfronts will have several festival attractions. Guests get the chance to see, step aboard or sail on some grand ships.

Friday will see cloudy skies and moderate rains while more clouds will be in the skies on Saturday, plus possible rains in the afternoon and evening.

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