Heavy Rains Cause Flooding In Many Parts Of Philadelphia On Monday

Many parts woke up to heavy rains on Monday morning paralyzing traffic and bring major towns into a standstill. This has forced officials from the region to dispatch a Flash Flood Watch team to help expedite any help that might be needed by the affected residents. A short-term Flood Advisory has been set up in different points around major towns. Due to the heavy rain in most parts of Philadelphia, some roadways have been rendered impassable. Some of the roads that were forced to close include Blue Route northbound of Broomall. The effects of the closure have been felt the whole of 1-287 in Hanover, New Jersey. This has also led to the shutting down of a lane in the Interchange 13A in New Jersey Turnpike.

In an earlier event on Sunday afternoon towards the evening the snail’s pace was felt as far as parts of Poconos, Lehigh Valley and Berks County. It also caused massive flooding in neighboring parts, homes and major roads in the Crawford County in Pennsylvania. Many officials and workers from the Public Safety Workers were put to task in response to flood-related issues and emergencies the whole of Sunday. According to weather officials in Philadelphia, by evening almost all the 51 municipalities had reported some flooding cases. Because of the high force and velocity from the water, residents occupying four homes were forced to temporarily move to a safer place from their home near Conneaut Lake. Heavy rains caused the closure of part of the Pennsylvania Route 285 Bridge closed. All these closures and evacuations happened within the 24 hours between Sunday and Monday morning. “We are doing everything we can to make sure that everything is back to normal by the end of Monday,” said one official from The National Weather Service.

A few days before the heavy rain, authorities from The National Weather Service had issued a warning cautioning motorist to drive with care. But even as they did so, a few days later, the overnight of Sunday, heavy rains hit many parts of Philly and suburbs that surround the area stretching into Delaware. With the exception of a few lulls, the rain is not expected to clear until sometime Tuesday morning. “There is likelihood that we will expect gusty winds, hail and even lightening if things continue this way,” said Michelle, one of the officials from The National Weather Service.

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