Five Armed Men Steal From A Home Along Neilson Street

Theft and crime cases in Philadelphia have been increasing at an alarming rate requiring the citizens to be more vigil. Despite Philadelphia police putting more effort to curb the vice, thieves are still getting room to exercise their immoral activities. On Sunday evening around 5:16 PM, five armed men, entered a home in the Neilson Street on the 4200 block. This happened even after police had heightened Street patrol to battle such incidences. According to a report given by the police, the armed robbers managed to steal $1,000, fifteen pairs of Air Jordan sneakers, jewelry, and two iPhones. Despite being armed, there were no injuries during the incidence, but this was as a result of cooperation from the home owners.
According to witnesses, the guys escaped to the southbound of Neilson Street. The investigators also revealed that they were using a white Chevy cobalt though the registration number was not noted. Since then, Philadelphia police have launched a manhunt for the five guys and anyone with any information that would lead to their arrest is requested to call the police department. The police claim that all the five suspects are aged between the ages of 20 and 25. One suspect is said to have facial hair, about 6 feet tall, dark skinned and weighing about 200 pounds. The guy was last seen wearing blue jeans with a gray shirt and was armed with a silver handgun, according to information given by the victims. The second suspect is also dark-skinned with a height of approximately 5.8 feet. Description of the other three suspects was not revealed by the police. Being a developing story, the police will give more information on the progress of the search and investigations.
The robbery came about two hours after another man was shot four times in the 2500 block of the north 29th Street. At around 3:10PM, an unidentified gunman opened fire on the 34-year-old man who is in extremely critical condition at Temple University Hospital fighting for his life. The man was struck once on the thigh, once on the right side of the face, once in the stomach, and once in the chest. Philadelphia police are also investigating the incidence launching a manhunt for the suspect. According to the police department, there are no weapons that have been recovered and arrests are yet to be made following the investigations.

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