Tragic Amtrak Crash Caused by Speeding

Soon after the authorities ordered for scrutiny on the cause of the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia, it has already been confirmed that speeding was the reason behind the tragedy. A number of safety experts have channeled their intellect and reasoning to the case, and they have finally reached a resolution that the train was speeding. It has been confirmed that the train was moving at twice the speed limit for the particular stretch of tracks that the accident occurred on.

Further reports have revealed that the train driver tried to hit the emergency brakes when he realized that the train had hit 106 mph yet the track was only meant for trains going 50 mph. However, the brakes failed, after which the train crashed. The National Transportation Safety Board has also confirmed that the train was moving at a tragic speed, prompting the serious crash.

The efforts to bring the train’s speed down only reduced the speed to 102 mph. This was still too fast and uncontrollable for the train. It is at this speed that the tragic fate was reached.

The train driver is 32 years old, and he is from United States. He confirmed that he has always been able to control the train only that this time things went out of hand. He went ahead to confirm that he has no recollections of the occurrence of the accident. 

The National Transport Safety Board has also confirmed that the speed control system that was supposed to be installed in this area had not yet been put in place. This has been termed as failure on the part of the government. This news comes immediately after a vote to reduce spending on Amtrak services even further. Other parts of the route have speed control systems, but the scene of the accident had not yet received the system. Officials acknowledged that the accident could have been avoided if the speed control system was installed.

The train was headed from Washington to New York before the tragic accident occurred. 8 people were left lifeless with over 200 others suffering both serious and minor injuries. Initially, the number of those killed was at 6. The death toll then rose after the rescue team retrieved two more bodies in their rescue mission. So far, it is believed that no other deaths will emanate from the same since all casualties are safe and stable.

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