Philadelphia Protests in Solidarity with Baltimore

In reaction to the events in Baltimore, a protest followed from Philadelphia city causing traffic backups on the roads. A clash between the police and the protestors arose although the protest was peaceful.

Early this morning, around 6 o’clock, Philadelphia police officers, some on horseback clashed with the protesters as protesters continued their march. At some point the police line fell, and a protester who broke through could be seen as he was being slapped by the officers. The protesters kept moving from street to street and along Walnut Street they surrounded a police cruiser as they proceeded. All along the protest was peaceful till at around 8 o’clock when police were seen removing disorderly protesters.

At the intersection where the protesters sat, the police blocked the I-676 ramps to 15th Street before more confrontation. Though the protesters didn’t go to the interstate, they did break the police line as traffic went on along the roads. Later the crowd started to spread as the police kept blocking access to the ramps. They moved to Chinatown before proceeding to 8th and Market Street.

The protesters were followed by a trail of police cars. The protest at one point tried to enter the 18th and Benjamin Franklin Park. The protest that seemed to narrow down, and they crowd decreased as they moved towards the Philadelphia school district building and became smaller when they neared 9th police district, this on the 21st street by 11 o’clock. Two protestors were arrested for rowdy conduct.

The demonstration is estimated to have had six hundred to eight hundred participants. The demonstration was as an event of the death of Mr. Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old, as a result of a spinal injury caused by the police following his arrest on 12th April 2015.

Commuters have been warned by the officials to seek alternative routes as the crowd could delay travel around the main city and downtown. SEPTA officials recorded delays in some bus routes, mainly near the city center.

Commuters who would like to evade the road congestions can choose not to pass through Market Street and Broad Street near the City Hall.

Philadelphia School had an early dismissal for students to get home early and safe. Police kept peaceful boundaries throughout the demonstration.

Mr. Deandra Jefferson, one of the organizers of Philadelphia Coalition for Real Justice said they are being killed by their own police and have a right to speak out the problems in the system of administration.

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