Plastic Surgeon from Philadelphia Shares the Secret of Success in Achieving Remarkable Facelift

Louis P. Bucky is not an every day plastic surgeon. Not only is he successful, but also uses a multiplicity of techniques to ensure that his patients get an optimal facelift with very little recovery. “I have unique cosmetic skills, and I consider facelift as one the areas I perform excellently,” Dr. Louis says. Louis is a board certified plastic surgeon in Philadelphia.

Consequently, Dr. Bucky spends a lot of time looking for ways to make his skills even better so that he is able to constantly achieve remarkable results for every patient he gives a facelift. Apart from honing his skills, he also works to enhance pre and post operative care offered to patients after surgery.

“Facelift surgery is all about understanding the anatomy behind the practice in addition to the technical re-definements that let you achieve outstanding results naturally”, the Philadelphia-based plastic surgeon quips. Therefore, if you have enough knowledge of the anatomy and the process of aging, you can virtually restore a patient’s facelift appearance by simply lifting the tissues that have descended and adding fat to the areas with loose fat through a process known as fat transfer. This process enhances the quality of the skin through procedures such as laser resurfacing and thereby have an impact on all the primary aspects associated with face aging.

Besides performing the above-mentioned techniques, Dr. Louis has taken an approach he calls “expectation management” for his patients. He loves to know why the patient is seeking to have a facelift and the specific areas of concern. He takes patient’s pictures before conducting the surgery and seeks to know what the patient sees in the photo. “That way, I am able to know what the patient wants or expects and I can establish the best approach to take so as to address as many concerns as possible” Dr. Louis states.

Finally, Dr. Louis insists on the importance of cutting down the time it takes to recover from surgery. “Very few people will want to spend as much as six weeks to recover after a facelift surgery”, he writes in his blog. That is the reason he uses a gentler, water-based technique to disconnect facial tissue during surgery. In addition, he offers vitamin plans and personalized care through his staff as well as lymphatic massage therapy, all which combine to minimize bleeding, bruising and post-operation discomfort in his patients. Dr. Louis has a medical degree from Harvard Medical School.

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