Calling all Animal Lovers – Bear Necessities Need You

Calling all Animal Lovers – Bear Necessities Need You

Bear Necessities Pet Pantry Philadelphia, Animals, News, LifestyleBear Necessities Pet Pantry in Philadelphia is in need of a helping hand from all you animal lovers out there.

Calling for donations and pet supplies, the non-profit organisation, Bear Necessities serves Philadelphia and the West Chester areas.

Run by volunteers from Philadelphia Animal Care & Control Team andChesterCountySPCA, Bear Necessities aims to keep pets with their owners by reducing the financial burden of owners who are struggling in the current economic clime.

Set up when the founders realised many animals were being given up to the shelter due to financial reasons, Bear Necessities provides food, treats, leashes, collars, flea treatments and other pet supplies that a family needs. All donated by caring individuals who want to help both animals and their devoted, but financially unstable owners, the call now is for higher quality and grain-free pet food for those animals that unfortunately suffer from allergies.

Substantially more expensive than regular food, grain-free pet food is a necessity for those animals that have been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

To find out more information on how to help or get help, visit the Bear Necessities Website

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