America’s First Pizza Museum to Open in Philly

America’s First Pizza Museum to Open in Philly

Next month will see a record-breaking amount of pizza-related memorabilia go on show all under one roof in Philadelphia.

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The nation’s very first pizza museum is set to open on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown sometime next month and contain what the Guinness Book of World Records has officially deemed the largest collection of pizza keepsakes. Not only that, but it will of course play host to an artisan pizzeria and the first Little Baby’s Ice Cream storefront.

“This is indeed the nation’s first pizza museum,” says founder Brian Dwyer. “Unless there’s some guy in a cave somewhere who doesn’t know about the internet and has never shared his museum with a living soul.”

Named Pizza Brain, the celebration of all things pizza is 27 year-old Dwyer’s baby. A former film student, his passion for pie is so strong he’s even had a slice tattooed on his back.

Hoping to provide the atmosphere of an interactive art exhibit, the museum will house everything from records dedicated to pizza to pizza-themed comics and pizza-related artworks, and will grow as Dwyer adds to his collection.

And on the menu, expect “…the quintessential American pizza experience…” plus some more unique creations said to “…seduce and excite even the most discerning palate.”

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