Philadelphia’s Newspapers on the Move

Philadelphia’s Newspapers on the Move

Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, Newspapers, Broad Street TowerIt has been announced that Philadelphia’s two major daily newspapers will be moving out of the infamous Broad Street Tower, which had long been their home.

Founded by John R. Walker and John Norvell in 1829, The Philadelphia Inquirer (formerly The Pennsylvania Inquirer) has had its headquarters in the white tower for over 87 years. The third-oldest surviving U.S. daily began the switch to Market Street on Monday.

Tabloid newspaper and supplement to the Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News also took up residence on Broad Street, but as the building was sold last year for a reported $22.6 million, the papers and their online presence have had to move to Eighth and Market Streets.

The developer who bought the Broad Street Tower hopes to convert it into a mixed-use establishment.

Now owned by a group of local investors, the papers were made bankrupt in 2010 and subsequently controlled by hedge funds.

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