Muhammad Ali to Receive 2012 Liberty Medal

Muhammad Ali to Receive 2012 Liberty Medal

Muhammad Ali awarded Liberty Medal, National Constitution Center, Bill Clinton, NewsRenowned for his confidence both inside and outside of the ring, as well as his work on social and humanitarian causes, boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been named as the 2012 Liberty Medal recipient.

Set to receive the medal in a ceremony on September 13th at the National Constitution Center on Independence Mall right here in Philadelphia, the three time world heavy-weight champion “…embodies the spirit of the Liberty Medal by embracing the ideals of the Constitution — freedom, self-governance, equality and empowerment — and helping to spread them across the globe,” as was said by former President and chairman of the National Constitution Center, Bill Clinton.

The 70 year-old’s philanthropy, social activism and humanitarian efforts amongst more is why the sponsors of the Liberty Medal chose to award him with the honor. As the National Constitution Center’s president and chief executive officer, David Eisner believes, “Muhammad Ali symbolizes all that makes America great, while pushing us as a people and as a nation to be better.”

Winning heavy-weight title after heavy-weight title and an Olympic gold throughout his long career, Ali is noted for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War due to religious beliefs, this decision resulting in a long legal battle which the boxer managed to win.

Although suffering from Parkinson’s disease since retiring, Ali has devoted himself to helping those in need from across the globe, bringing much-needed food and medical supplies to the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia.

Previously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005, Ali has also raised funds for Special Olympics and the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center both in the U.S.

Other winners of the Liberty Medal founded in 1988 are, Bono from band U2, South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

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