Angry Birds Join the Philadelphia Eagles

Angry Birds Join the Philadelphia Eagles

Angry Birds for Philadelphia Eagles, Rovio, PhiladelphiaRovio’s cult Angry Birds game is teaming up with the Philadelphia Eagles to launch a thoroughly Eagles-inspired Angry Birds game this fall.

Claiming one billion downloads and 25 million plush toy sales, it was only a matter of time before the Angry Birds infiltrated the pro-football scene. With a marketing plan that will include social media initiatives to in-stadium displays and appearances on local team television shows, expect even more twittering about Angry Birds than usual.

In-stadium animations will include re-enactments Angry Bird style, for instance if defensive lineman Trent Cole tackles New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the stadium’s video board will forget the usual graphic to be replaced with Angry Birds character “Big Brother Bird” flooring Manning. For Angry Bird obsessed Eagles fans, this will be a dream come true.

Angry Birds partnerships are somewhat few and far between, Andrew Stalbow, Rovio’s General Manager for North America stating, “We’re very selective, we haven’t done a lot of partnerships so when we do them we want to do them deep and well.” Ari Roitman, the Eagles’ senior vice president of business, said he spent about a year making calls before he managed to get the Finnish company on board. The idea coming to light after the Eagles naturally became utterly entranced in the game.

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